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The Giant RV Story

For over twenty-eight years, Giant RV has served the population of California, providing the best deals on new and used travel trailers and motorhomes. As a company, we see the need to put our customers first, and we believe that our obligation to the customer doesn't stop the minute we close the sale. We believe in being a full-service company that puts the needs of our clients first and provides what they need to be truly satisfied with their purchase.

Customer Guarantee

     We have one of the widest selections of RVs on the market today. If your RV is not among the seven hundred and fifty units that we have available, we will utilize our Factory Direct order network to provide your "Dream Coach" for you. What we want to do is exceed the expectation of each and every one of our customers, without exception. Our continued support of our customers earned us the prestigious RV Business magazine award.

Our Online Service

    In the best interests of our customer, Giant RV has set up its online service to be able to provide for our customers the way a full-service company is supposed to. By promoting the many benefits of the RV lifestyle, we allow you to take the comforts of home on the road with you. You can still enjoy products from America's best suppliers at a great price. 

     We appreciate your interest in our site, and we hope you enjoyed your time with us!

Thank You 
Bob Barouti -  President