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Allison motorhome transmissions

Allison Motorhome Series fully automatic transmissions make any size motorhome perform better and handle easier under all driving conditions. Reliability, durability and smooth shifting performance, along with over 1,900 worldwide Allison authorized service centers for routine maintenance needs makes Allison Automatics the overwhelming choice of savvy motorhome owners.

Allison prognostics allow you to quickly monitor oil life, filter life and transmission health. Prognostics take the guesswork and hassle out of scheduling routine vehicle maintenance to save you time and money while providing maximum protection for the transmission. That means less downtime, lower life-cycle costs and, best of all, greater productivity for your fleet.

Fuel Efficiency
Recent fuel consumption testing conducted by Transportation Research Center, an independent, third party test facility, proved that Allison Automatics get better fuel efficiency than manual or automated manual transmissions.

Shift Energy Management/Low Range Torque Protection (SEM/LRTP)
SEM/LRTP provides better engine/transmission integration to optimize the entire driveline system. The result is faster, smoother, more consistent shift quality, increased powertrain durability, improved performance and an overall more efficient vehicle operation leading to greater fuel economy. This sophisticated communication between the engine and transmission serves as the foundation for other features.

Increased Ratings and Internal Enhancements
For 2010, horsepower and torque ratings have increased on 1000/2000 models to allow a broader range of applications at a lower initial cost.The power required to charge the oil lube distribution and main pressure system of the 1000/2000 models has also been reduced. The result is more efficient operation that helps improve fuel economy.
Variable Modulated Main reduces main pressure when clutch apply system does not require full main pressure.
New Wave Friction Plates reduce internal drag


Smart Controls

Allison Motorhome Series automatic transmissions have brains in addition to brawn. Optional electronic control packages provide precisely the performance features you need to get the job done  whatever it may be.

Auxiliary Function Range Inhibit
It is like an extra set of eyes to help avoid unwanted shifts out of Neutral. Integrates with virtually any vocational vehicle component.

Secondary Shift Schedule
Select between two pre-programmed shift patterns  quickly and easily. Match shift characteristics to the driving conditions with the simple push of a button.

Engine Brake Enable
Flip the dash switch, and let the transmission controls handle the rest. Smart electronics recognize the most efficient times for engine brake application.

Retarder Enable
Allison's electronic controls precisely blend the transmission with the ABS-compatible, integral retarder and the vehicle's service brakes to provide peak braking efficiency.