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RV Sales Department

     RV owners are the masters of their own destiny, tied down by nothing and able to go anywhere they want. That's why when you choose an RV, you should go with a place that is well known throughout the state. Giant RV in Colton is one of the most respected suppliers of RV's in the country. The massive 14-acre facility in Colton offers a unique range of choices and styles and is backed by our dedication to excellence. We take pride in providing the best new and used motorhomes and trailers for sale in Colton. The Miracle-Mile of RV's is a technologically advanced wonderland for the RV buyer.

What We Do For Our Customers

     We are committed to helping our customers because we believe that a full-service company does not stop when someone buys a vehicle from us. We lend buyers our expertise to choose an RV that suits them and their lifestyle. Our skilled salespeople are trained in spotting what works best for what kind of buyer. In addition to our kind and courteous staff, we also provide service and maintenance to RV's. Our integrated RV Parts and Service department boasts seventeen bays for the maintenance of RV's, allowing us to keep your home on the road in the best condition of its life.

Where to Find Us

     If you're looking for motorhomes and trailers for sale in Colton, you've come to the right place. We are located right off the 215 Freeway, Exit Washington (which is right behind Walmart). Check us out today to see for yourself the sheer amount of options we offer!


Giant RV Colton
1300 E. Santo Antonio Drive
Colton, CA 92324
(888) 581-1765 toll free




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