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Perma Plate RV Protection



Perma-Plate Paintguard
Two decades of innovative product research and testing back the quality and success of Paintguard. Without protection, your RV's paint and fiberglass finish is easy prey for the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays--a hazard that can quickly cause oxidation and fading. With professional application, Paintguard's exclusive formula bonds with and seals the paint surface creating a continuous, durable protective finish. Our commitment to your RV's appearance begins with a professional application of the finest products available. To retain this good head start, we recommend the Perma-Plate Maintenance Kit. Available as part of the Perma-Plate protection system, our Paintguard Renewer and Wash Concentrate make it easy to maintain your RV's brilliant finish well into the future.

Perma-Plate Fiberguard
Spills, splatters, and everyday mishaps are almost unavoidable. Fiberguard gives you the advantage of intervening before minor accidents become major reminders. Designed to coat each fiber of your RV's carpet and fabric upholstery, Fiberguard's polymer based coating seals out stains from both oil and water based spills. Because Fiberguard bonds to individual fibers, the air spaces between fabric strands remain open and permit the upholstery to breathe. The texture, scent, and color of the original fabrics are not altered and spills slip into air pockets between fibers allowing for quick and easy clean up.

Perma-Plate Leatherguard
Sun, excessive dryness, temperature extremes are three demons that will swiftly decrease the value of your RV's interior. Leatherguard is the most powerful leather and vinyl protector on the market. Professionally applied by your dealer, Leatherguard's ultraviolet sunscreens and penetrating conditioners fight drying, fading, and discoloration on leather or vinyl seats, dashboards and interior trim. We are as committed to the protection of your purchase as are you. With Leatherguard, your vehicle's value will remain solid while its leather and vinyl features stay soft and supple

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use wax on a vehicle that has had Perma-Plated Paintguard applied?
With the Perma-Plate Paintguard there is no need for old fashioned waxing. The Paintguard is a sealant that chemically bonds with the paint providing a durable protective coating. Any wax approved for automotive use will not damage the Perma-Plate Paintguard application or affect your warranty with us in any way. One advantage to having Paintguard applied to your vehicle is that it is no longer necessary to wax your car. Wax, even a good one, does not normally have the ability to bond to the paint. Because of this, the wax is not detergent resistant and is 80% removed after the first wash. However, if waxing is a preferred part of your vehicle car regimen, you can be secure in knowing that automotive waxes will not damage the original Perma-Plate Paintguard protection. For added protection we recommend using Paintguard Renewer. You will find it will deep-clean the surface and revitalize the shine adding to the protection that is already on the vehicle.

Question: Are the maintenance products required to maintain my warranty?
Any cleaning and care products suitable for automotive use can be used on your vehicle without affecting your warranty. We recommend the Perma-Plate maintenance products as they are specially formulated to work with your original Perma-Plate application. You will find the Perma-Plate maintenance products easy to use, offering the highest quality vehicle protection.

Question: What happens if I move out of the area?
Siskin Enterprises is a national company with the ability to service warranty claims anywhere in the United States and in Canada.