Fleetwood Discovery LXE Vs Tiffin Phaeton

2023 Fleetwood Discovery LXE 2023 Tiffin Phaeton 
Floorplans (5)- 36HQ, 40G, 40M, 44S, 44B (MSRP 40M = $502K / 44B = $590K) Floorplans (4)- 36SH, 37RH, 40IN, 44ON (MSRP 40 OH = $520K / 44 OH = $580K 
Fleetwood chassis assembler bringing two leaders in the RV Industry together to build a “BEST in CLASS” motorhome chassis- (FCC + MoRRyde) = Freedom Bridge In house chassis as option on 40IH and 40OH- Power Glide. Is OEM a motor home builder or a chassis builder?  
FCC and Fleetwood Partnership- FCC XCM Freedom Bridge Chassis. “BRIDGE” technology maximizes strength, ride, weight distribution and handling.   FCC XCM (36SH & 37RH)- XCR (40H & 40OH) NON-BRIDGE. Power Glide option on 40IN & 44ON- NON-BRIDGE 
V- Shape Wedge Holding tanks- allows for easy “dumping” & all weight in tanks adds to lower center of gravity which improves driving experience. Standard mounted tanks 
FCC V- Ride standard on ALL floorplans.  Improved ride and handling. Available on 36SH & 37RH / Option on 40IH & 44ON /  N/A on Power Glide 
GCWR- 44B & 44S 58,600 lbs. 44 OH 55,600 lbs. 
Brake Sync- FCC installed and warranted integrated air supply for your tow vehicle brake systems N/A 
Valve stem Extensions N/A 
Fully Interlocking sidewall to floor, and sidewall to roof- Power Lock system No interlocking construction 
Lower profile- Overall height 12’10” all floorplans Height- 13’3″ on 40IH and 44OH 
Fresh water capacities- 105 gallons all floorplans 100 gallons 44 OH & 40 IH, 90 gallons 37 BH & 36 SH 
Aqua Hot – standard ALL floor plans Standard on 44OH, Optional on all other floorplans. 
Support- Two service facilities- Oregon & Indiana Only one in Alabama 
FCC support- 450 service centers across US & 24/7 customers service support.  Power Glide chassis- service centers (1)?  
Floorplan Options (2) with optional Bunkbeds N/A 
Fireplace standard on 40G, 44S & 40M  Optional on 36 SH only 
Superior “fit and finish”. Cabinet doors aligned attention to detail.  Cabinet doors are not always aligned. Lack of attention to detail.  
Updated interior color schemes and look.  Traditional colors and look.  
Power Gear electric slide out system. Proven design tried and true, clean system.  Hydraulic system. Can be messy, potential leaks.  
Two coats of dry seal edge coating on all sidewall, ceiling and floor openings. Prevents moisture & water intrusion (inner construction) N/A 
Hide-a- loft power drop down bed w/ 500 lbs. capacity 250 lbs. capacity 
Upscale TILE shower- residential  Once piece molded fiberglass shower 
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