Pleasure-Way Vs Competition

If you’re looking for a Class B motorhome then Pleasure Way should be at the top of your list. What sets Pleasure-Way apart from the rest of the industry? Just look below.

Pleasure-Way Van Comparisons in General to Industry Standards:

  1. Family Owned and operated vs Public Owned and Traded
  2. Stall built by Individual Installers vs Assembly line production
  3. Reputation of building the best vs Reputation of building the most
  4. 6-1/2 weeks build time 400 Hours vs 2-4 days build time.
  5. Hand made Hand sanded Solid cabinets throughout vs store bought vinyl wrapped
  6. All screwed and glued plywood sub structures vs Luan stapled to stick moldings and plastic trim
  7. Buffed Corian counter surfaces vs Formica
  8. Multiplex wiring with breakers vs switches and fuses
  9. Lithium battery Standard vs Led Acid or AGM
  10. Auto gen start vs none
  11. Diagnostic and Fault page for house systems vs none
  12. Big CR Lawrence frameless windows vs standard little glass with frame
  13. Big stainless kitchen sink vs Little plastic kitchen sink
  14. Big kitchen faucet vs little kitchen faucet
  15. Big counter space vs limited counter
  16. Wide center isle vs narrow center isle
  17. Deep upper cabinets vs shallow upper cabinets
  18. Bathroom counter space and storage vs no counter space and no storage
  19. MCD Roller Shades vs string Day/Night
  20. Painted running boards vs electric steps
  21. Hookups waist high drivers side vs below van near ground
  22. Comfy/ Cool 3 Foam Bed/ Couch vs uncomfortable single foam bed
  23. Smart TV Blue Ray vs standard tv dvd
  24. 5 year warranty vs 1-2-3
  25. 33 years making vans only vs all makes models pull and drive
  26. Actual Owners manual for each model vs no manual any models
  27. Personal Assistant vs none
  28. 9 years consecutive Highest quality award RVIA vs ???
  29. Pleasure Way Ambassadors Club 30 years strong 6-10 Rally’s a year vs ??
  30. Highest resale value in the Industry!!!

Pleasure-Way is recognized for MasterUpfitter status by Mercedes-Benz. We maintain this status by upholding the highest standard of quality and up-fitting guidelines, giving you exceptional confidence in choosing Pleasure-Way for your next RV purchase.

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