Why RV?


Leave Your Worries and Stresses Behind

Get away from your daily chores, job pressures, ringing telephones and overbooked schedules. Hit the road without the hassles of hotel bookings, flight delays, lost luggage, car rentals, crowded restaurants and unexpected cost overruns. Want to extend your vacation an extra day or two? Not a problem in an RV.

The simple pleasures of RVing-

The outdoors, the fresh air, the warm sunshine, the freedom of the open road, the flexible schedule — provide a release from everyday life, put problems into perspective, and renew and refresh both mind and body.

whyrv-2Rediscover Family Any vacation can take your family away. Few can bring it together.
In today’s fast-paced world, RV travel and camping put families in touch with each other. RVing is a time for family bonding, quality time when parents can actively engage themselves with their children. It’s about little things — things we tend to take for granted every day — that make family RVing so special. Scabby knees, chasing fireflies, skipping stones, finding out your son’s batting average or your daughter’s latest heartthrob. Discover more about your family than ever before.

Teach Your Children Well

Shared responsibilities are another bonus of RVing. When an RV trip is organized as a family project, it tends to be a shared experience, providing the warmest of vacation memories.
Shopping for RV meals and selecting the camping and recreational equipment to take are all part of the family fun. And even while the trip is in progress, there’s the convenience, flexibility (and the unexpected fun) of being able to change plans or itineraries at the slightest whim.

“RVing is a time for family bonding, quality time…”

whyrv-3 Reconnect With Nature

Experience first-hand the many facets of nature’s beauty. Dine by the shore of a crystal clear lake, stroll in the shadows of a majestic mountain range, fall asleep enjoying the aroma of dying embers of a campfire and awaken to the melodies of chirping birds. Your RV is your vacation cottage bringing you to places where life is simpler, slower and peaceful.

Families agree that economically speaking, RV travel adds up: convenience and comfort plus low costs. Your initial investment in an RV pays off quickly because you spend far less overall for transportation, lodging and food than people who fly, take a cruise, train or bus trip, or even drive the family car.

whyrv-5Discover All of America

It’s a big country out there. In a recreation vehicle you can see and do it all because RV travel is as big as all outdoors.

Visit a national park, hike a forest trail, chalk up visits to 49 states, discover Alaska or Baja, fish your way across America. RVing allows you to experience America like never before — and on your own terms. RVing is pure freedom as far as the road will take you.

Protect Your Family Budget

RV travelers don’t have to worry about departure requirements, fine print, refundable tickets, special fare restrictions. They can plan daily costs without hidden surprises in tips, taxes, fees, penalties and add-ons.

whyrv-6Retire In Style

Not content to rock their golden years away while musing about the past, today’s older Americans are zestfully on the go, many of them in RVs.
Thousands are part-time RVers, weekend and vacation travelers or seasonal snowbirds. Thousands more — some estimates go as high as a million — use their RV as their home while enjoying the fun of RVing fulltime.

RVing offers many benefits to seniors and fulltimers:

  • Today’s RV campgrounds offer expanded facilities and a variety of activities such as golf, tennis, tours and social events.
  • With its easy care and low maintenance, the RV fosters the relaxed lifestyle that can help add years to your life and zest to those years.
  • Have special needs? Older RVers can retreat to their home-on-wheels at any time to snooze or relax when they’re tired, attend to special dietary needs, neighbor with people they like, or move on whenever the mood strikes them.
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