Why the Forest River RV Experience is So Special

Forest River RVs stand apart from the competition in a lot of different ways. We love them, we sell them, and we know exactly why the ownership experience typically exceeds all customer expectations.

We want to take a look at a few of the reasons we encourage people to explore Forest River RVs when they’re looking for their next RV for sale or rent.

A History of Innovation

It all started way back in 1996. Back then, Forest River was founded by Peter Liegl. He founded the company with the intention of providing one of the best recreational vehicles on the market. His goal to help people get more enjoyment from their camping and outdoor experiences definitely paid off. Since the beginning, Forest River grew and grew to become one of the top RV manufacturers in North America. Every year, they roll out more and more great products for families, campers, and those who just love the outdoors.

Forest River touts their rich product diversity as a key contributor to their continued success. They sell more than just motorhomes, campers, and destination trailers – they also manufacture pontoons, buses, and even commercial trucks. This type of product diversity really helps keep them innovating year after year.

Meticulous Manufacturing

The Forest River team strives to hold themselves to an extremely high quality of manufacturing. They randomly test units at a massive 20,000 SF inspection center – and that’s in addition to all the standard inspections every vehicle undergoes during the initial build. The plant operates like a well-oiled machine and they continue to crank out some of the finest RVs on the market due to their meticulous manufacturing standards.

Want to learn more about Forest River RVs? We can help! We  always have a decent amount in stock and would love to answer any questions you have about these great RVs.

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